Conference Theme : Human Values Crisis in a Digitizing World

The conference theme of ECIS 2021 is Human Values Crisis in a Digitizing World. After migrants facing environmental, political and economic disasters, the current pandemic is highlighting that crisis can affect all countries and people of all conditions. Digital technologies are often presented as at least part of the solution for helping to drive towards a sustainable and inclusive future. Yet at the same time, digital technologies have also been identified as a threat to our freedoms (e.g., in relation to our privacy), to fairness (e.g., with the digital divide decreasing the economic opportunities for some, and with robotization causing unemployment levels for others), and to community (e.g., with social media reducing face-to-face relationships between people even while online connections may be increasing). 

  • How can technology help save lives without emprisoning us? 
  • How do individuals, organizations, African and European national and local governments among others, respond to such challenges for human values? 
  • Can we see solutions emerging independently of the FAANGs [Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google]? 
  • What role’(s) do IS researchers and community can play? 
In other words, the consequences (both intended and unintended) of ever-more pervasive digital technologies in our work and personal lives in relation to creating a more inclusive and sustainable world are not straight-forward. For this conference, then, we are especially interested in papers that discuss and expand our understanding of how digital technologies and human values influence each other and sometimes conflict, whether at the individual, the organization and/or the societal level. In addition to the conference theme, ECIS 2021 hopes to attract submissions to a range of traditional track themes that have been at the heart of the IS community in Europe, as well as tracks covering new emergent themes. The aim of ECIS 2021 is to form a meeting place for people in the IS field to discuss fundamental and innovative issues related to Information Systems.  
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