Presentation Guide

Session Details

Sessions are shorter than normal given the virtual nature of this conference (50 minutes), and there will be up to 4 papers in a session. Your track chairs will inform you in due course of the structure of your session(s), but you will not be given time to make a full presentation of your paper during the virtual event.

Instead, you are able to create an 8-10-minute video for full papers and a 5-6-minute video for research-in-progress papers that will be uploaded to the AIS site along with your paper if you wish. The deadline for uploading your video is 23 May 2021.

The link to upload the video:

Within your session, you are asked to present your study briefly in 3 minutes on 3 slides – we suggest using 1 slide for motivation and theory, 1 slide for method and results, and finally 1 slide for contributions/implications/impact.

Please find templates here.

You are free to change them but do not go over the limit of 4 slides.

Further, you will act as a discussant for another study from the same slot. The discussant’s role is to have a brief 3-minute “presentation” of sorts: You shall provide one especially valuable/interesting/… point from the current (i.e., not your paper), provide 3 points which you would change/improve/… on, and give 2 papers which are not yet cited by the presented paper but might be worthwhile reading. The discussant should keep it brief to 3 minutes and use no more than one single slide.

The session chair will approach you about the discussant role and your availability.